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Aircraft Specifications:
Wing Span  LE - 42 in 
TE - 44 in
Wing Area 645 sq in
Wing Loading 8-9 oz / sq ft
Weight 2.25 -2.5 lbs
Engine Req. .20 - .32 2-cycle
Price $79.95
Kit includes fuel tank, competition tire and necessary hardware

  • Engine Selection = My personal favorite engines are the WEBRA32, Thunder Tiger 36, 39Heli, OS32, and the old ENYA.35 Heli. These are the primary engines that fit this aircraft the best.

  • Radio Equipment = Primary control surface Servos: My preference are the JR4735. The JR/DS9411 are frequently used and the DS537 can be considered for the budget minded.
  • Throttle Servos HS85 or the HS81 are good choices.
  • Battery = We prefer the 4N350AAC Flat Pack or a 600ma to 1320ma 2S Lipoly with voltage regulator can be used.
  • Covering = With this aircraft, we also only used Ulta Coat or Ora Cover. Some people prefer other products and with other aircraft, those other products are fine but please use what we recommend to avoid problems.
  • Flapperon Linkage = On the top side of the wing we use 2-56 threaded rod. On the bottom side of the wing, we use Kevlar thread. The Kevlar does two things, it helps with a pull-pull situation plus it helps protect the servo gears.
  • Fuel Tank = We prefer the Dubro 2oz. or Kelsey Hayes 3oz.
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