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Aircraft Specifications: 
Wing Span 34.5 in
Wing Area 575 sq in
Wing Loading 9 oz / sq ft
Weight 2.25 - 2.5 lbs
Engine Req. .25 - .40 2 cycle
Price $74.95
This laser cut kit self jigging builds as fast as it flies. With its 9oz wing loading and its superior strength. the Diamond Dust performs ultra aggressive maneuvers including 90 degree turns at full throttle. Excellent low speed flight characterestics.  
A great high-speed reflex tune-up aircraft. 
Kit includes necessary hardware



Kit includes necessary hardware
(Click here for complete parts list)

  • Engine Selection = Any sport 2C engine .20 to .40 is adequate to fly the plane well. My personal preference is rear exhaust OS.25VFDF or Thunder Tiger .36.
  • A lot of people like to make the plane go faster and some good choices for that are: OS.46 VFDF, MVVS-SHO Q.40 or JETT FIRE .50.
  • Servo Choices = My personal preference for the elevons are the JR/4735's and a micro on the throttle. JR/DS9411 or in an application where you have a monster motor, use a JR/DS8611.For the throttle, the HS85BB is a good choice or the HS81. Note on the throttle linkage, use a plastic cleves at each end and do not crush the gromets, if you do you will run the risk of vibration damaging the servo.

  • Battery Selection = In most cases, the 4N-350AAC Flat Pack will work just fine. If you want to fly with the sport engine and have a large fuel tank a fun battery to run is the 4KR800AE, or a 2S Lipoly, 600ma to 1320ma with a voltage regulator.
  • Covering = We only use Ultra Coat or Ora cover. It adds to the overall strength of the airframe. In the cold, if you use other types of covering and you develop a pin hole, you run the risk of exploding all the covering off of the airframe.
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