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Feather Duster Specifications:
  • Wing Span 34.5 in
  • Wing Area 660 sq in
  • Wing Loading 3.5 oz / sq ft
  • Weight 14oz to 30oz
  • Motor Req. 20mm to 28mm Brushless.
  • Engine Req. Norvel .074 or LA .15 2 cycle
  • Extremely aggressive and maneuverable like the original Diamond Dust, but with considerably less wing loading.

  • Fantastic park flier (with or without landing gear).

  • Kit includes necessary hardware
  • Covering = comes complete with transparent yellow covering to cover entire aircraft
  • Motor Mount = included is a high quality aluminum motor mount.
    The included covering and motor mount is a $35.00 Value!

  • Price for Kit $55.00
    Price for ARF $105.00
    To Purchase a Feather Duster Kit or ARF(Almost Ready to Fly)
    Please see our Store

    Electric Motor Selections:
  • Himax 2816/1220kv swinging a 9x6 to 10x6 prop. 2816 AXI swinging 9x6 prop
  • Servo Choices = Due to the large elevons, We recommend a small metal gear servo
    like Hitec HS 81mg or HS85mg.

  • Battery Selection = Thunder Power 2100/3S, Tanic 2220/3S
  • Email your questions to diamonddustrc@diamonddustrc.com 

    Email us a picture of you and Your Feather Duster for addition to our upcoming user gallery. diamonddustrc@diamonddustrc.com